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 Would you like to find a solution to your employment dispute?  

If you're battling workplace problems in your office, you're not alone.  The Chicago suburban and metro area job market is highly competitive and work disputes here are common.  There isn't always a legal remedy to an unfair employment decision or a bad boss, but our experienced lawyers can help you understand your options. 

We serve the entire state of Illinois​ and federal employment discrimination cases in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota

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Did your boss fire you?  Illinois, like many states,  is an at-will employment state, which means a company can fire you at any time for any reason - and an employee can also quit at any time for any reason - unless there is an express written agreement that states otherwise or if a company is violating local, state or federal law.   You, as the employee, have the burden of proving that the company acted illegally, not just unfairly. 


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